Hey BosBabes!

Hey BosBabes! My name is Boston Crockett and I am the founder and owner of BosBeauty! I went to college and graduated as a Registered Nurse in 2011. A couple years after I graduated while still living in Utah I got married at the age of 24, and had my little one Olivia. Family became my focus for a couple years. As my marriage ended I decided to go back to school so that I had more options in the future for my little one and I. I knew I wanted to focus on the Aesthetic field with my nursing degree. Over the years and through my many experiences in this field, I’ve found that this is truly my passion and exactly where I am supposed to be! I got my Bachelors, and then soon after decided I wanted to prescribe my own Botox and Fillers rather than rely on a doctor, so I got my Masters of nursing with specialty of Advanced Family Nurse Practitioner. I’ve established two locations- one in St. George , UT and one in Las Vegas, NV. I truly love my clients and want to help each one feel their absolute best!
I have been so blessed in this career! I am excited for the future, and to meet all my future clients as well as continue to grow with my current friends and clients! Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any questions! 
Boston Crockett xoxo