Skin Treatments​

You glow, girl. The BosBeauty babes have curated a menu of some of the best skin treatments around to keep your skin on point. From peels to microneedling to skin tightening with Plasma Fibroblast – we want to help you look and feel your best every day. Explore our skin services below:

Microneedling $199 per session

*package of 4 for $700 ($100 savings)

Dermaplane $60 per session

BosBeauty offers custom facials starting at $59, package pricing for 3 facials available at $149.

BosBeauty offers custom back facials. Pricing starts at $99.

BosBeauty offers custom butt facials to keep you feeling fresh. Pricing starts at $99.

Pumpkin Peel $49

Perfect Peel (medium depth) $199

Plasma Fibroblast has gained a reputation as the best Non-Surgical procedure in the beauty and cosmetic industry for skin tightening. These skin treatments are non-surgical, and can be used for eye lifts, loose tummy skin tightening, skin tag removal, mole removal, sun and age spot removal, acne scar damage, smokers lines on the upper and lower lips, diminish stretch marks, tightening of the loose skin on the neck and cheeks, crows feet, and reduction of fine lines. See below for pricing.

Keep the area clean to avoid infections until the scabs have formed and exfoliated on their own.  Follow the aftercare instructions you received at Allure exactly as written to ensure the best possible healed outcome.

Aftercare DO’s:

  • Ice the treated area
  • Keep clean
  • Gently apply your Aloe aftercare product
  • Gently apply vitamin ointment every night or keep dry
  • IMPORTANT! Allow the scabs to come off on their own
  • Be patient
  • Avoid sun exposure

Aftercare DO NOT’s:

  • Do not pick the scabs
  • Do not apply any make-up
  • Do not apply an plasters
  • Do not get wet

Swelling: Swelling is to be expected after this type of treatment.  This is due to the fact that the area will be recovering from a deliberate controlled burn, therefore the natural side effect is swelling.  There are steps you can take to minimize the swelling but it cannot be avoided.  You can’t avoid or cure the swelling – it is a response to the trauma.  The swelling will subside in a matter of days.

Plasma Fibroblast treatment is suitable for patients that are 1-3 on the Fitzpatrick Scale. Find out more: Find Your Fitzpatrick Number.

Body contouring, cellulite reduction, skin tightening and lymphatic drainage to help rid your body of toxins.

$100/session  | 7 session minimum.

*Purchase 10 sessions get one session of mess therapy free ($400 value).

The #BosBabes are experts in Plasma Fibroblast treatments. No knives, no stitches + minimal to no downtime!

Plasma Fibroblast Non-Surgical Lift + Tightening

Plasma Fibroblast treatment is best suited for patients who are a skin type 1-3 on the Fitzpatrick scale. Find out what skin type you are:

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